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When planning any event it is important that we understand each other. We do not want there to be any mis-communication mishaps along the way. To help in these efforts here are our rental polices:
Reservations and Deposits: All reservations do require a deposit but deposit varies depending on your reservation. Deposits are required on entertainment, decorations and catering services. Deposits are not required on bounce house combo, and slide reservations but they are preferred. That is why we offer an additional 5% discount on any equipment rental if a deposit is made online. We do this to ensure the Safety of our delivery staff. The balance of your reservation is due before setup of any equipment can take place. We can accept cash and all major credit cards the day of your event. We also accept checks 5 days before your scheduled delivery. If by chance the check is returned there will be a $30 returned check fee.
Cancellations:A cancellation due to increment weather will be excepted with 24 hours of notice and any deposits received will be credited toward your next event.  If you have to make other arrangements we would like you to do that at ease without losing any of your hard earned money.  Unfortunately any cancellations made the same day will forfeit your deposit as by this time we would have already prepared for your event.
Set-up and Pick-up: It will take us 15-20 minutes to set up your bounce house, combo unit or slide. At this time we will make sure the unit is fully operational, inspect for Safety, and go over the rental agreement. Electricity must be available within 75 feet of where the unit will be placed. All rental equipment will be picked up at an agreed time after your event has finished. It takes approximately 30 minutes to take down a unit. During this time the unit will be inspected for damage, cleaned and sanitized onsite.
Operating Procedures: Please refer to the rental agreement for operating procedures. It is important that you follow these procedures to ensure Safety. If there is ever a question do not hesitate to call us.
Power Loss: If there is ever a loss of electrical power the unit will slowly start to deflate. Have the supervising adult exit everyone from the unit as quickly as possible. Once everyone has exited check the on/off switch of the blower to make sure that it was not accidentally turned off and check the electricity going to the blower. If so, turn the switch on or plug the blower back in and the unit should start to inflate again. You should only re-enter the unit after an adult has checked that the unit is fully inflated.
Damage: If the unit becomes damaged during operation do not continue to operate. Exit the unit and turn the power off to deflate then give us a call immediately.

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